All effective water treatment systems require salts, media, or filters for continual performance and constant water quality. We’ve provided a brief summary of the types of equipment and maintenance required for various home water systems. As always, if you have any questions, please Contact us.

Water Softener Maintenance

Water softener maintenance is easy, but important to keep your system running properly. In order to release the hardness or iron ions that have been removed from your water and retained within the home water softener, salt acts as a regenerate to expel these ions. This process typically takes place once or twice a week for the average family, with some variation depending upon family size and severity of the water problem. You will typically need to add (2) fifty pound bags of salt every 3 to 4 months to the salt tank. This takes less than 3 minutes to open and dump the salt into the storage container. Once again, the amount of salt and monthly intervals can vary depending upon family size and severity of the water problem.

Acid Neutralizer Maintenance

The acidity in your water is negated by reacting to the alkaline media within the acid neutralizer. The media is sacrificial and must be refilled and maintained within a given volumetric level to keep the desired PH levels within the appropriate range. This process is more service oriented for RainSoft technicians to perform, since it requires the shutdown and depressurization of the system, refilling it to the full levels, and then re-pressurizing and returning it back to service. At this point, we test the water to make sure we are maintaining the appropriate PH range. Most of our customers require this to be done annually. A small percentage of customers may require this every 8-10 months due to larger family size, higher than average water consumption, or more aggressive acid conditions. Some customers may only require this every 15-24 months. The nice thing about a RainSoft water treatment system is that you never have to worry about when this service is due. You will receive a call from us when your established interval is due and we will schedule a technician out to perform the recharge. If your family size, water habits, or water condition should change over the years, our system will recognize the increase or decrease in the consumption and will adjust your service interval accordingly.

Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems require (2) filters to be changed annually. The more sophisticated element (the membrane) averages about 3 years in life if the reverse osmosis is the only system you have. If the reverse osmosis is installed in conjunction with the water softener, we have achieved 5-10 year life spans on the membrane.

Water Filters - Carbon Filtration Maintenance

Whole house carbon systems utilized for chlorine removal on city water average about 7 years of usage before the media needs to be changed. On well systems, the carbon application for odor problems such as hydrogen sulfide will average about 18 months, more or less, due to the wide seasonal swings inherent in this type of problem.

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Forest Hill Water Treatment Equipment Maintenance, Harford County Water Softener MaintenanceForest Hill Water Treatment Equipment Maintenance, Harford County Water Softener Maintenance