An automatic sediment filter is a key component of water treatment systems for customers on well systems. With the majority of our customers on well systems, the first and foremost problem we encounter is a low PH (acidic) condition. This requires an acid neutralizer to remedy this condition, and fortunately, our neutralization system also provides an additional benefit of sediment filtration. Therefore, we can effectively treat two problems with a single system solution.

Stand-Alone Sediment Filter

We do have a stand alone automatic sediment water filter which, like the acid neutralizer, will automatically purge in the middle of the night. Automatic sediment water filters are water treatment products that provide filtered water for your entire home with a filter that cleans itself automatically, requiring no messy or expensive filter changes. This state-of-the-art filtered water system will improve water quality for well or municipal water supplies.

How an Automatic Sediment Filter (ASF) Works

The ASF connects to the main water line. As water passes through the water filter it travels through a stainless steel screen that prevents the sediment such as sand, dirt and turbidity from entering the home. The trapped sediment is then flushed to the drain when the system cleans itself.

Why Remove Sediment?

Sediment can damage plumbing and appliances over time. Appliances like home water softeners, water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers will perform better and last longer by removing sediment before it reaches them. Sediment includes rust particles that can cause brown, yellow or orange spots on clothing, fixtures and toilets.

Forest Hill Automatic Sediment Filter, Harford County Sediment FilterForest Hill Automatic Sediment Filter, Harford County Sediment Filter